Do Heavy Equipment Operators Work All YearMost heavy equipment operators are employed in the construction, mining and logging industries, while they are also work in the maintenance of roads and bridges, buildings and houses and other structures. You might be thinking do heavy equipment operators work all year since most of those jobs are seasonal

Yes, it is a fact that summer is the peak period that will require you to work long hours in the job. But if you are willing to work during the winter months, there are many job opportunities you get into.

Parking lots and streets get snowed during the winter and they need to be plowed. You could be a snowcat or winch cat operator that do overnight work. If you have a CDL, you could get a job as a truck driver that transport shipment to and from the destination.

The more machines you are able to operate, the more jobs you could be involved in. But make no mistake, operating heavy equipment is a specialized skill, you need to have the proper training and certification to enter this field.

Indeed, heavy equipment operators work all year you just have to be flexible enough to find opportunities in other sectors. So, if the construction site shuts down when winter arrives, you could find part-time employment with a contractor involved in highway maintenance to keep streets clear from snow.



You Can Find Work in the Other States

You can find work in warmer southern regions during months of winter. This is where your NCCER certification comes in handy. It is recognized nationally. If you have such credentials, you can easily find work in another state to escape the winter chill.

Working in other states does not only offer employment but better pay as well. There’s a deviation in terms of salary across the state. here are the top ten (10) states that have high salaries for heavy equipment operators: Illinois, Wyoming, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington. For you to better understand how your wage change, here is the data of 

It could be difficult to find work far away from where you live. Before moving, if would be helpful to prospect companies looking for qualified operators like you. If you have friends there, ask them to connect you with a hiring company. You may not succeed in the first try but each person in the state you have a call with will get you one step closer to getting a job.

Heavy equipment operators work also in other countries. You could also work in another country you preferred. If you are trained in the US and have the proper certifications and credentials, you are well regarded and favor by companies internationally. Doing so is an ultimate escape to find work all year as a heavy equipment operator.

To make a Conclusion

The job as a heavy equipment operator is seasonal, as I say. But that doesn’t mean summer is the only time you can be on the job. When winter months arrived, there are also many other projects you could be involved in.