How much salary you would get as a tower crane operator Tower crane operators make good money. They sure do because it is a high-risk and important job that’s why the pay is good. Although, some might say that it is a stressful job but if you’re good at it you’ll be at a better standing of receiving a good salary.

Tower crane operators usually work in the construction sites; they lift and move heavy materials from the ground to the building being constructed.

The nature of the job of a crane operator can’t be described as easy but rather full of challenges. This is the main reason why they received a very competitive salary among other trades in the construction industry.

The tower crane operator salary, just like any other job, is based on education and experience. The other factor that affects the pay is the location of work, salary varies from state to state and even country to country.

In the US

The average salary of tower crane operators in the US is $35.45 an hour or that is equivalent to $75,000 per year, these figures are based on the latest report of

If you have less than one (1) year experience you could make an hourly wage of $25.17; if you’re an operator who has 1-4 years of experience, the hourly pay is $30.98; if you are most operators who have more than 5 years of experience, you could make $34.14; for operators with more than 10 years in the field, $36.03 is the hourly pay.

What do those numbers tell us? Experience plays a crucial role in how much you could receive as a tower crane operator. But then again, the money you could earn varies differently as many other factors affect the salary such as your certification and other applicable skills.

In Canada

If you are working in Canada, the average salary of a tower crane operator makes there is $74,405 per year or that’s equivalent to $38.31 per hour. If you’re new and want to get an entry-level position, you could start at $43,875 per year while those who have extensive experience could make $117,000 per year. These figures are pulled out from Neuvoo



Ways You Can Do to Increase Your Pay

  • Since employers don’t usually have the time and money to provide their workers all the training they need to enhance skills; this is where you can take advantage of – prepare all the credentials for the job and present those to employers when applying. In that way, the employer will perceive that you have the qualifications and thus may offer you better pay. Start with getting the NCCCO certification as this the credential most employers are looking for from a candidate.

  • Also, depending on the state, you may be required to obtain a separate license as this is mandatory. Let’s say, for example, you want to work in Rhode Island which has its own licensing guideline and requires operators to have hoisting licenses, get that license to get ahead in the job and make more money. Better check with your state’s licensing authority if you need such a license.

  • Get certified operating other types of construction heavy equipment such as dump trucks, backhoes, excavators, loaders, etc. We all know that job as a tower crane operator is seasonal and when the odds don’t work for you, you can apply for other jobs that you have experience with also.

  • Be proactive in keeping track of your work accomplishments. If you’ve been in the industry for a long time or just starting out, write down your milestones so that you have a highlight for your resume to stand out. In that way, you can present that to a prospective employer and be at better standing when negotiating salary.

  • Know your present market value as a tower crane operator for you not to get left behind. The common mistake most operators make in the construction industry is not staying up on the latest market value of the trade and salary trend. Be updated and get the latest news of the crane operator trade so that you know what number to throw when negotiating for salary.

  • Another way to increase your salary is to ask for a raise. There are circumstances that you need to talk to your employer and ask for it. Your employer might also conduct a regular review of workers every quarter or yearly. This is your time to shine and boast your accomplishments so that odds will work in your favor.



How to Get a Job as a Tower Crane Operator

After completing a training course, gaining the certification, and getting the required local licenses, it is now time to get a job. Find a construction firm, docks, or other business that employer tower crane operators in your location.

You would not have a hard time searching for openings as these were advertised in online classified ads websites such as,, or even posted in the local newspaper. You can even network with former colleagues who might have some connections to land you a job.

The opportunities for tower crane operators are everywhere to make a good salary.

To Make a Conclusion

If you are aspiring to get into the industry please take note that tower crane operator salary increases as you spend time in the field and become experienced.

Apprentices and trainees could get a job entry-level positions and expect lower salaries than those experienced ones. But the work is there especially now that the construction industry is booming so as the requirement for tower crane operators.

If you are considering a new job this is the time to train to become a tower crane operator, they are well paid and in-demand - you would not have a hard time finding a job.