Will Using Heavy Equipment Operator Staffing Agency Good for You?If you’re a job seeker, I bet you struggle to find a job, or if you are an employer, you know how hard to find qualified people to fill the positions.

This is where the staffing agency comes in.

By partnering with them can speed up the process of getting a job or acquiring talents.

You might have your own reason why you do and don’t want to go through them.

But using a heavy equipment operator staffing agency has a myriad of advantages for both job seekers and employers.

Here are a few of the good staffing agencies you can get in touch with to find a job or recruit operators:



Some Reputable Heavy Equipment Operator Staffing Agencies

These staffing agencies put in a lot of effort to find the right people for the right job. I don’t advocate one, I just listed them down for you to choose:

  • VIP Staffing
    8610 Broadway St., Ste 100, San Antonio, Texas 78217, (210) 340-2000, (844) 484-7562
    McCreless Court, 4248 South New Braunfels, Suite 105, San Antonio, Texas 78223, (210) 534-6166, (844) 484-7562
    1256 W Farm to Market Rd 78, Ste 110, Schertz, Texas 78154, (210) 892-0564, (844) 484-7562
    1285 E. Common St., New Braunfels, TX 78130, (830) 629-2525, (844) 484-7562
    2711 LBJ Freeway, Suite 160, Farmers Branch, Texas 75234, (469) 802-3999, (844) 484-7562
    957 Melbourne Road, Hurst, Texas 76053, (817) 813-2066, (844) 484-7562
    6001 Indian School Rd. Ne, Ste 270, Albuquerque, NM 87110, (505) 889-3787, (844) 484-7562

  • Hamilton-Ryker Solutions
    Franklin, TN 37064, Phone Number: (615) 291-2000 / (877) 795-3746
    Georgetown, KY 40324, Phone Number: (502) 570-9675
    Leitchfield, KY 42754, Phone Number: (270) 259-9640
    Booneville, MS 38829, Phone Number: (662) 286-6247
    Corinth, MS 38834, Phone Number: (662) 286-6247
    Bolivar, TN 38008, Phone Number: 662-286-6247
    Covington, TN 38019, Phone Number: (901) 475-0350
    San Marcos, TX 78666, Phone Number: (512) 392-2323
    Sugarland, TX 77478, Phone Number: (281) 902-5900
    Washington, DC 20006, Phone Number: (202) 510-9345
    Currently looking for backhoes, bobcat, overhead crane, Forklift, crane operators

  • Cypress Employment Services, LLC
    456 Civic Center Drive, Mobile, AL 36602, Office: (251) 431-1245 / Fax: (251) 690-9089
    2501 5th Ave. South, Birmingham, AL 35233, Office: (205) 224-5600 / Fax: (205) 224-5604
    4320 Kenilwood Dr. Suite 105, Nashville, TN 37204, Office: (615) 933-7929 / Fax: (615) 523-4500

  • Anistar Technologies, Inc.
    2002 N. Lois Ave. Suite 310, Tampa, FL 33607
    740 E Campbell Road, Suite 530, Richardson, Texas 75081
    11121 Carmel Commons Blvd., Suite 310, Charlotte, NC 28226
    Two Perimeter Park South, Suite 305 West, Birmingham, AL 35243
    6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle, Suite 300, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
    Phone: 1.800.257.5597, Fax: 1.888.293.5055

  • Sequence Systems LLC
    2008 Opportunity Drive, Suite 150, Roseville, CA 95678
    Phone: 916-782-6900; Fax: 916-782-6307

  • Tradesmen International, LLC (Corporate HQ)
    9760 Shepard Road, Macedonia, Ohio 44056
    844.218.2967, 440.202.9609, 440.349.4092 Fax

  • Enterprise Staffing
    2237 N Hullen St., Suite #101, Metairie, LA 70001, (504) 900-1119
    8270 Woodland Center Blvd., Suite 103, Tampa, FL 33614, (813) 365-7844

  • Webuild Staffing
    PO Box 189, Lincoln, CA 95648
    Phone: +1.916.677.1428, Fax: +1.916.677.1478

  • Commercial Trade Source
    3924 Pendleton Way, Indianapolis, IN 46226
    Phone: 317-377-1988, Toll Free: 877-366-1549, Fax: 317-377-1984

  • Bridges Staffing Agency
    4000 Faber Place Drive #300, North Charleston, SC 29405
    Call Us : (843) 418-4432

  • DHR Staffing
    13431 Woodforest Blvd., Houston, Texas 77015
    Phone: 713-678-0300, Fax: 832-879-2408
    9751 Long Point Rd., Houston, Texas 77055
    Phone: 832-834-6369

  • Performance Personnel
    7815 N Dale Mabry, Suite 211, Tampa, FL 33614
    Tel: 813-800-JOBS (5627), Fax: 813-445-5250

  • Coast Personnel Services (TPS Staffing Companies)
    2295 De La Cruz Boulevard Santa Clara, CA 95050
    Phone: (408) 653-2100



If You’re a Heavy Equipment Operator Looking for a Job, We Have Answers to These FAQS:

Should I use a staffing agency to find a job?

You might hear that staffing agencies don’t give good benefits to operators or it’s just a waste of time going through this because what they just provide is just an entry-level position, we would say it is completely not true.

I used a staffing agency many times in the past – when I was starting my career, several circumstances after that and when I got my first work in the construction site. They gave me competitive pay and attractive perks and benefits.

What I like about getting into a staffing agency is they do the job searching – you just have to register in, submit the requirements, and wait for the call. They scour their job openings to find that might be a good fit for you.

They also have connections with the employers and contractors in the construction industry – the sector in continuous need of talented heavy equipment operators like you. When you want a stable and high-paying position, strive to get into construction. The construction industry has a variety of job vacancies and they need to fill it in.

The staffing agency lead me to find a permanent job some years ago and I’m still on it until now. They hired me for a permanent position at a company where I am still working until this time.

Just prove your worth, get positive feedback from the company, and be good at your job – that’s the secret sauce. I am just an average guy but I was able to get into the top of the game by having a positive attitude.

Is Working for a Staffing Agency Good?

In this era where people are trying everything to land a job, finding a good one might be impossible. That should not discourage you. Spend time and effort, you get what you wish for. The staffing agency is here to help.

Working for a staffing agency means you have more support to establish your qualifications to be a better fit for the job. When you’re not in the agency, you would do this by yourself which can be a time-consuming process on your part.

Just like what I said earlier, they do the leg work in finding a job for you- granting you have the qualifications. They will work with the hiring managers in finding the right candidates, put you in front of them, and finally recommend you for an immediate job offer. This minimizes time to start and earn money.

How Long Does It Take for a Staffing Agency to Find You a Job?

The answer is it depends. During the months when the construction season is in peak, then expect they would need a lot of heavy equipment operators as their clients are persistent to fill in the positions.

The time it takes for a staffing agency to find you a job would also depend on the experience level and qualifications you have. Employers do hire heavy equipment operators who have a lot of experience in the field and if you don’t have this, it would take time to get your selected. (This is one thing that would frustrate you, it that’s the case, find ways to get practical experience).

To boost your chance of getting selected, make sure you have the skills and certifications needed for the job. To work as a heavy equipment operator, you will need a CDL, an NCCER or NCCCO certification, a valid driving license, and of course a lot of experience under your belt.

Are There Fees Involved for Job Seekers

This is a common question and might be what you have in mind right now. Actually, there should be no fees involved for job seekers. Why is it so?

Staffing agencies get their profit through the fees they get from employers. If you’ve been offered with a job and the agency asked you to pay them, then don’t do it. Tell them it is the employer who will cover everything.

The same thing in the beginning when you’re registering – you should not have to pay when the agency ask you. If they do, you would say that it is a rip-off, go find another legitimate staffing agency to take care of you.

If You’re an Employer Who Wants to Hire Operators from Staffing Agency, This Section is for You.

Why Do Companies Use Staffing Agency?

  • Contractors and employers can request talents from the pool of qualified people in fastest time. This is the most significant advantage to use a staffing agency.

  • An employer doesn’t have to pay expenses such as health care, sick and vacation pay, retirement plan, you just have to pay for the work the workers have done thus reducing overhead costs in running the business.

  • Employers can hire temp staff because the permanent is on vacation or is sick. You can order from the staffing agency to temporarily man the permanent’s position.

  • The staffing agency is the one that does the leg work in screening and interviewing job candidates reducing workload for you reducing both the cost and time.

  • You can get the right people for your specialized job. If you say you want excavator operators, the agency should be able to supply you with qualified people skilled in that particular job.

  • You have the ability to try out workers before giving permanent work. Direct hire has a serious risk – you don’t know if the guy you’re hiring is good or not until you hire him. With a staffing agency, you eliminate that risk, you can temporarily hire someone for a short period and see if he could be an asset, if he did a good job, you can extend his contract or hire permanently.

How Do I Choose a Staffing Agency?

If this is your first time using a staffing agency to hire equipment operators, there are some tips we like to give you:

  • Find a staffing agency that has an understanding of hiring heavy equipment operators or the industry. This is to make sure that you get the best talents for the job.

  • Since they act as a middleman, find a staffing agency that is fair in giving wages and benefits to the workers. The role of the agency is not just to supply you with qualified talents but also to represent your company. If the agency is not fair in wages, it reflects your image as a company. The same goes for when the agency doesn’t respect the workers.

  • Do the agency conduct substance abuse and background checks on their candidates? It is important for the operators to be “clean” because you want to have somebody in the crew who is an asset instead of a liability.
  • Don't go for a staffing agency that charges you too much. The average you would pay is just 25% of the worker’s salary. If they charge you too much, they just there for the money, they would not take care of you as well as the workers.

  • A proven track record is also important in choosing a staffing agency. The first question to is how long how they been in the business. If they been in the business for quite a while now, we could say it is a good indicator that they’re good at what they’re doing.

How Much Does It Cost to Use a Staffing Agency?

The staffing agency is the pool where companies and contractors get their talents from. The work of screening applicants and other administrative tasks are done by the staffing agency. With that, if you’re a hiring manager or an employer, the average fee to pay is 25% of the salary – that’s how much does it cost to use a staffing agency.

The staffing agency is worth the fees you pay especially when you need to fill positions quickly. The thing you don’t what to happen is to have a delay in project completion that’s why you turn to staffing agency to find the right candidates in the soonest possible time.

It is a fact that unfilled positions will cost you a lot of money. Using a staffing agency to get personnel from is worth more than you pay in fees.




Finding a job remains a challenge for many people and the same goes for companies looking for qualified talents to fill positions. The struggle is real. But with the help of a staffing agency, everything could be a walk in the park.

If you are looking for staffing agencies that hire heavy equipment operators, we listed them above for your reference. See above.


Image Credit: Hans Lok on Flickr.