Criteria in Choosing Best Heavy Equipment Training School Choosing a training school can be a big decision that a lot of individuals stress about. It is a daunting task.

There’s a good reason why it is hard to make the decision - the training itself isn’t cheap. Getting the education will put a dent in your pocket.

Enrolling in a heavy operator training course is lengthy as well.

Therefore, finding the best heavy equipment operator training school must be given due importance so that you won’t make mistake and regret in the end.

There are different factors to be selective about when choosing a training school. If you follow these factors you will be able to separate a school from another.

#1 Meeting Up the Current Standard

The heavy equipment school must have training programs that adhere to the current OSHA standard and local state regulation or recognized by a professional association such as the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). When a crane is part of your chosen program, find a school meets with the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) standard and has a long history of success in the training business.

#2 The School Has Comprehensive In-Class and Hands-On Training

Find a school that offers both classroom lectures and practical/hands-on training as part of the heavy equipment training curriculum.

Be sure that the school that you selected has a lot of hands-on training compared to classroom lectures.

Don’t go to the school that promises online certification. Online training is not an effective way of training delivery, you would not get much education. The best training you will get is by attending the actual training so that there’s a teacher-to-student interaction.

I discourage you to take this online training delivery.

#3 Provides NCCCO Preparatory Course as Part of the Training Curriculum

It is ideal if you want to work with cranes.

In addition to the classroom and practical training, the ideal school also offers preparation for certification exams to improve your chance of success in passing the tests.

If you are taking a course on crane training, an ideal school should also offer a preparatory course for you to be able to pass the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) certification.

#4 Offers NCCER Assessment and Certification

If you would like to enter the construction industry as a heavy equipment operator, the training school should train the individuals to pass the NCCER assessment and certification program.

If you pass the NCCER written test, you will receive the “Knowledge Verified” certification. If you pass the performance assessment, you will receive the “Performance Verified” certificate. If you pass both the written and performance tests, the NCCER awards you the “Certified Plus” certification.

If you have a certificate from NCCER proves to employers that you the skills and competency to safely and efficiently perform the job as a heavy equipment operator.

Having such certification is a great advantage when you want to work in the construction industry. The employer will ask the NCCER certification from you for sure.


#5 The Heavy Equipment Training School Must Be Equipped with Well-Maintained and Modern Equipment and Facilities

We highly recommend to students to choose a school that uses the properly-maintained and up-to-date heavy equipment. You would not want to get your hands on a dirty and rusty piece of equipment, would you?

If you want to make sure that your chosen school has modern equipment and facilities, pay a visit to the training location. You can ask the school if you could roam around the facilities, observe the surroundings.

Go on a tour of the training site and its entire premise and be observant. Also, check if the work areas are properly maintained.

See if the school that has a vast training field where you can do the hands-on training.

#6 Small Number of Students Per Class

An ideal heavy equipment training school should have a low student-to-teacher ratio. You would not want to enroll in a class that is crowded.

You can always ask the school about how many students per class before enrolling. The ideal number per class is fewer than 10 students.

Each trainer has a small number of students in a class so that you would be given personal attention and plenty of time with each piece of heavy equipment you want to be trained on.

If the class has a large number of students, I suggest you look for another training school.

#7 Choose the Training School That Gives Job Placement Assistance and Support

Good job placement assistance is what you want from the school. The school should be able to offer you employment after graduating.

They have the large network of employers that hire talents like you. These employers are always in contact with the school for recruitment of workers.

If you’ve completed a heavy equipment training program, the school knows where to place you for employment.

#8 Has Good Credential and Reputation

It is one of the major things to look for in a heavy equipment operator school. A good one is known in the industry. They usually have many branches in different states.

Some schools, though not all, choose to be accredited since many local governments have regulations requiring the heavy equipment schools doing business in their area of jurisdiction to have accreditation to offer the training course.

Getting the government accreditation is important to any reputable heavy equipment training school.

#9 Offers Financing Options and Discount

The cost of training is expensive. It costs around $12,000 for basic training. Not all of us can afford this much enrollment fee.

Get in touch with the financial adviser of the training school; ask about the financial options and discounts you can avail if there’s any.

The adviser will be able to help you get loans for your tuition fees or the school may offer you scholarship grant.

#10 Offers Careers Advice

Career counseling is important when you’re new in this profession. Getting the right advice will put you on the right path.

Career counseling helps you to know the pros and cons of the trade so that you can make an informed decision. If you weren’t given a good advice, it would affect your career choice.

They will guide you to see what employers look for from a candidate.


Where Can You Find Heavy Equipment Operator School?

On this website, we have the list of heavy equipment operator schools of each state.

Just browse the state where you are in the menu section. We have listed those community colleges and trade schools that offer heavy equipment training programs.

We included the address of the school and their contact numbers so that you will be able to get in touch with them very easily.

In each state or location, aside from the list of schools, you will also read the step-by-step guide on how to take the training, so that you know what to expect when taking the course.

Since each state sometimes has its own set of requirements for heavy equipment operator, we also included them so that you are prepared what to submit when you are searching for a job.

We included the current salary of heavy equipment operators working on that state, so that you know how much you can receive working as a heavy equipment operator.

To Make a Conclusion

How do you choose the best heavy equipment training school that addresses your requirement?

With a little technical know-how and by following the criteria above, the decision can be made easily.

You may have other criteria in choosing the right one. If you follow these factors, you won’t commit the mistake in enrolling in a school.

The training is long and isn’t cheap. You would not want to waste your time and money onto something that is not worthwhile. So make sure you enroll in the right school.

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