crane operator school costIf you are considering getting a job as a crane operator and you don’t have prior education, where do you think the best way to take to get into this profession?

You might be thinking of going into enrollment with a crane operator school. And you’re absolutely correct and you’re taking the right path.

We strongly recommend everyone to get professional training from a school that is NCCCO-accredited.

Formal training is not required by NCCCO. But for you to have an edge passing the NCCCO certification, it is highly recommended to have such training by enrolling in a course offered by the school.

But how much does enrolling in a crane operator school cost?

Well, there is no accurate answer to this question as the market is constantly changing. The tuition also varies depending on the comprehensiveness of the training course.

But to give you a rough estimate of crane training prices, many schools offer complete courses for the cost ranging from $1,500 to $2500, depending on the type of crane you want to get certified in. The school you’ve chosen may offer an additional cost for practical training with their instructor on standby at an hourly rate of $80 to $120.



NCCCO Certification Testing Prices

In order for you to become a certified operator, you have to pass the two-part series of the NCCCO exam – the written test and practical part of it.

The state where you are in may have different regulation, but most of the US states require the operator to be NCCCO certified.

The NCCCO testing fee is an additional amount you have to pull from your pocket.

The amount will also vary depending on what method you want to take the test. You could take the exam either through the paper-and-pencil test (PPT) or computer-based testing (CBT).

In Mobile Crane Operator Program, the PPT written test cost is $165 while its equivalent CBT is $205. The practical test fee for the mobile crane on 1 type is $60, in 2 mobile crane types is $70 and in 3 mobile crane types is $80.

If you are taking Tower Crane Training Program and you are a new candidate, the PPT written testing fee is $165 while the CBT method is $200. The practical training testing fee for tower crane is $60.

If you are taking both the Mobile Crane And The Tower Crane Training Program at the same time, the written PPT is $50 and the CBT is $85 and the practical training is $50.

For Overhead Crane Operator Training Program for new the candidate, the PPT written test fee is $165 and the CBT is $200 and the practical test is $60.

If you will be taking both the mobile crane and overhead crane operator training programs together, you will only pay $50 for the PPT written test and $85 for CBT test. The practical exam cost is $50.

In Articulating Boom Crane Operator Program for new the candidate, PPT written test fee is $165 and the CBT is $205, while the practical exam fee for this type of crane is $60, if you are taking 2 articulating crane types, the practical testing fee is $70.

If you are taking the Mobile Crane Training and the Articulating Boom Crane Programs together at the same time, the PPT written fee is only $50 and CBT is $90, while the practical exam fee for both of these crane training programs, if taken together, is $50 for 1 articulating boom crane type, and $60 for 2 types.

Why is Getting Enrolled in a Crane Training Course is Important?

  • The training course will prepare you for the NCCCO written and practical exams required for the certification.
  • It is only through having such course under your belt that you can be prepared to work safely in a hazardous workplace.
  • The best aspect a crane operator gets in taking the training is the knowledge he can implement in operating the equipment. The second important thing is building his confidence operating the crane.
  • The course will teach about load limits, reading rated capacity, lifting & handling procedures, proper equipment inspection, correct crane maintenance and many other important subjects. These topics are important in the performance your job in the worksite.
  • The most hazardous place to work in is where surrounded by heavy machines. When this equipment is in operation and in combination with the heavy loads being lifted, the risk increases exponentially for the operators and for other workers around. It is therefore mandatory for you to have the training course to alleviate the danger.
  • It is a legal compliance with the law for you as an operator. Though not all states require the operator to have such training, would you know in the future that having the training could be a federal requirement?



Roles of the Crane Training School

The training school addresses the weakness of the students. We all know we have weaknesses in the performance of our job in the worksite. The training school will allow you to strengthen yourself to fill that weakness.

Providing the necessary training to crane operators makes them knowledgeable to become significant members of the company. It does make them satisfied and motivated during their employment, thus boosting their work efficiency.

In addition to providing knowledge and qualification, the school is also an environment where students can interact to learn from each other. This is the best form of learning – interaction. Yes, you can learn from the books and through computers, but without actual application and interaction, you will not know how the crane works.

The crane operator school will also coach you in many different aspects and the most important of it is cultivating safety at work. You can be a tough crane operator, but without safety, you will just a liability for the company you are working for.

The crane operator school makes you realize the responsibilities you have to implement on the job. Knowing your responsibilities makes you more proficient and effective worker.



To Conclude This

The crane training is an investment you can put into your career.

The crane operator school cost is an amount that you have pay. But it is an asset that cannot be taken away from you.

Spending such amount to take the crane training course will not get you employed in this ever-changing landscape or industry, but will also prepare you to have a stable career in the coming future.

Would there be a chance for you of getting employment overseas? It is important to note that not all countries have the same rule on crane operation but I know you would agree with me on this – that they will require you to have training.

So, spend time and money in getting the crane operator training by completing a course offered by the school.

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