I Failed the NCCCO Written Test

I Failed the NCCCO Written Test, Can I Retake The ExamIf you put much effort in the study for the taking of NCCCO crane certification test, but in end, the test result still stings. You’ve just realized you failed the test despite of the effort you put into the preparation.

Don’t worry, you are not alone, there are many people who had undergone such situation, my self included. I was not successful taking the NCCCO test in the first try.

If you failed the NCCCO test, the very first question that you may be asked is can you retake the exam?

If you are a paper-and-pencil examinee, you can do the retest immediately on the same day you get the failed score from previous exam. But for computer-based testing (CBT), you have to wait for at least three (3) days before you can a retest schedule.

There’s a corresponding fee, if you failed the written test, you will be charged $60 to $80 by the testing center to do the retest while for the core test, the fee may range from $250 to $200. The fee will depend primarily on the testing company; some charge the said amount, while others don’t.

You are allowed to take the test again as many times as necessary. You may call the NCCCO Testing Services Department at this phone number 727-449-8525 ext. 359 or other concern officers at this resource.



You Have two (2) Options to Retake the NCCCO Written Tests

NCCCO offers two ways to take the crane certification exams. The method you want to retest will depend on your decision. You can opt in computer-based testing (CBT) and the classic paper and pencil test (PPT).

The content of the test is the same for both methods, the types and number of questions is the same for CBT and PPT, you will be given the same reading and learning materials for both tests, and you will allocate the same amount of time period in taking the test.

The only difference is that you can receive the test result immediately with CBT, and for PPT, the result may take a while to get.

The computer-based testing (CBT)

The computer-based testing is only available if you would like to get certified on the mobile, tower, overhead, and articulating types of cranes. It is a convenient way of taking the written test, not only you’ll be able to reschedule quickly but you can get the test results right away.

If you would like to apply for CBT written exam, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a test center near you – There are almost 300 test centers nationwide where you can take the written NCCCO test. Visit the PSI testing location here.

  2. Submit your application together with other requirements – you can submit them and complete the online application form, click this page to apply. Also submit proof of payment of testing fees corresponding to the type of crane you want to get certification on.

  3. Wait for confirmation of test schedule – You will receive an email from PSI within two day after submitting the application. The email includes a link to PSI website to make an appointment. In case, you want to make the scheduling via phone, the email also include the PSI contact info.

  4. Bring the requirements on the exam day – Bring a valid identification and the email you received from NCCCO on the exam day.

The CBT testing fees are different from the PPT. You can pay the fees using your credit card. The types and numbers of questions in the CBT is the same of the PPT.

Paper and Pencil Test (PPT)

You can submit your PPT retest application via online or alternatively through traditional paper. If you are taking recertification for the following types cranes: mobile, tower, overhead, and articulating, the application can be submitted via online, while for other types, the paper form applies.

If you want to apply for PPT written exam, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Find a test date and location – NCCCO is maintaining a test schedule and locations for the upcoming exams, you can visit the schedules/locations here.

  2. Prepare the requirements such as the application form with attached documentation and corresponding fee – Prior to application, be sure that you have all the requirements. Please be advised that the due date of submission of application is two (2) weeks before your preferred exam date.

  3. Find a testing location – there are over many testing centers around the country. See CCO test location here. The contact numbers and addresses of each site testing center are indicated. Choose the one where you prefer to take the written exam.

  4. Contact the test coordinator – This is to confirm if the requirements are to be directly submitted to them or to NCCCO Testing Services Department. If they will tell you to submit directly to NCCCO, here’s the address/contact info of the Department: 1960 Bayshore Boulevard, Dunedin, FL 34698, Phone: 727-449-8525, Fax: 727-461-2746. For NCCCO online application, here’s where you can apply.

  5. Prepare for the written exam – There are many things you can do to prepare for the written test. You can read module and study materials, reminisce the questions from your previous test you think you failed, ask colleagues for some help.

The exam fees varies depending on the types of crane you want to get certified on and kind of test you want to take, here’s the pricing and costs. You can use credit card, money orders or check as payment, don’t send cash. The payment should be submitted together with all the requirements.

Penalty charges are being imposed. If the application is late, the penalty fee is $50, if the examinee wants to reschedule the test, additional $25 is required. While $30 penalty is being charged if the requirements are incomplete, if full payment is not received or if the check is returned, if the examinee wants to change the test after the schedule has been done.



Tips in Passing the Written Test

Passing the NCCCO written test is really easy for someone especially when the examinee is an experienced crane operator. It can also be an overwhelming undertaking for a newbie like you.

When taking the NCCCO written test, you got to be clever about it. Avoid the pitfalls that caused many of the examinees to fail the test. Here are some of the helpful tips in passing the written test:

  • Take the sample test questions – NCCCO has provided a resource where you can take a mock exam on the type of crane you want to be certified on. See the sample test here. It mimics the same questionnaire. Doing so can give you a feel what it is like taking the NCCCO written test.

  • Get help from colleagues – you may have some colleagues who had undergone the NCCCO written exam; they may give you an important insights of what the subjects of the questions will compose of.

  • Recall the questions you think you get failure marks – if this is your second time taking the written test, you already had the ideas of what were the questions included in the questionnaire. Recall as much as you can, then research for the right answers. Knowing what to expect gives you a step ahead when you retake the test

  • Lower your anxiety – if you have anxiety days before or during the exam day can hinder with your ability to think. You can do these to lower your anxiety: have a healthy meal before taking test, put yourself on a comfortable sitting position in the testing room, take some minutes to relax before answering the questions, just be relax.

Retaking the Exam Can Be Stressing

Yes, retaking the test is more stressing than the first time you took it. The pressure to yourself is there, you feel your heart pumping and senses are sharper. You feel the pressure. You need to deal with the stress and control it, otherwise, it could hamper your way of thinking.

If you are one of the many people who get stressed out when taking an exam, here are some helpful tips in handling/reducing it. Get complete sleep before the exam day. Having a good night sleep relaxes your mind and body. It tends to make your think logically. Calm your mind on the day of the exam, listen to your favorite music, or take a quick walk it can boost your memory, break free from distractions can help you as well.

There are several ways to relieve the stress and it varies from person to person. Find ways so that you can handle yours.



To Wrap This Up

If you failed the NCCCO written exam, you can definitely retake it. You can retake as much as necessary until you get your CCO certification.

The certification exam is overwhelming for first time examinee. I won’t blame you, I was also like you when I took the written test. I manage to pass it the second time.

You just have to remember the things you’ve learned from the training and from your experience.

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