Can I Use My Heavy Equipment License to Work for Another Company?Working for another company is a reality of life and there could be two reasons why: either you’re saying goodbye or you need another work to earn extra income.

Either way, no one can blame you for that. It is natural for you to strive for what you think is better for yourself.

Did you realize that during your stay with the company, you were trained and certified to work as a heavy equipment operator?

Give credit to your company because the company bestowed you not only with the opportunity to work for them but also the license and certification.

You might be wondering by now a simple question - can you use your heavy equipment operator license to work for another company?

The answer is YES!

You can definitely use your heavy equipment operator license if you want to work for another employer. It will serve as your credential. You can show that to your prospective employer so that they can determine your qualification for the position you are applying for.



Application for Heavy Equipment License

If you are intending to become a heavy equipment operator, you can apply for a short-course program that will take up to eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks to complete.

This training course is usually offered by a community college in your area or by a nationally-recognized technical school.

The course consists of two parts: the classroom and the hands-on operation.

You will spend most of your training time in the hands-on operation. You will learn the actual operation of the backhoes, excavators, tractors, scrapers, dump trucks, bulldozers and many other types of heavy machineries.

The classroom training includes the use of GPS, planning practice, safety training, applied mathematics, surveying process, principles of the diesel engine, hydraulics, hand signaling, and other subjects that may be deemed necessary.

At the end of the heavy equipment training program, the school will administer a written test and practical exam to evaluate the skill you’ve attained.

Pass tests, you will then be given a certification of basic training and sometimes, depending on the school, an operator card.

The NCCER Certificate

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) sets forth standards in the training and certification of heavy equipment operators for the construction industry.

If you want to work in the construction industry you will need a NCCER certificate.

This applies whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice individual, you will definitely need a NCCER certification.

The NCCER has many training sites around the country where you can schedule for an assessment.

NCCER certificate can drive you to a better career in the construction industry. The certificate is nationally-recognized. If you have such credential, you are in the NCCER registry system. This allows the employers and companies to better verify the qualification of their new hires.

The advantage for having NCCER certificate is that you can be given instant credibility in the eyes of the hiring manager. Thus, you can receive better pay than those without such certificate.

If you want to apply for NCCER Certificate, click here.

You May Also Need Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Those planning to become a heavy equipment operator must have a commercial driver’s license issued by the state where they are in.

You will need a CDL if you transport heavy equipment from and to the job site. The CDL is also required if you drive a large dump truck or a flatbed trailer on public roads.

You can train for the operation of the heavy equipment to earn a certification together with CDL application.

If you are intending to possess a CDL and planning to take heavy equipment training at the same time, it would be better to find a school that will assist you in the training and application of CDL.

If you want to apply for CDL, check this instruction.

Your Job Outlook and Career Path of Heavy Equipment Operator

What is good about this job is that you won’t be running out of opportunities as there are always construction projects somewhere. You are needed to make the project going.

The employment opportunity for heavy equipment operators is expected to grow 12% until the year 2025. This growth is much quicker compared to other trade occupations. There is only one reason for this – boom of construction and agricultural industries.

If you are able to operate several types of heavy equipment, you may the best employment opportunity. In this kind of occupation, you will drive not only a piece of equipment but several, from excavators to backhoes. It much better for you if you know how to operate several pieces of equipment.

Heavy equipment operators operate machineries to that clears and prepares the site for construction of building, road, bridges, civil facilities, dams, airports, seaports, and many other structures.

Heavy equipment operators work in all kinds of weather conditions. The nature of the job is physically demanding thus it requires you to be in great physical shape. You may have irregular hours of work, some shifts are at night and may require you to extend longer hours especially when the project is in full swing and work quota has to be met.



Shifting Job to Another Company

Just I have mentioned, you may be wanting to work for another company because of two reasons. It is either you leaving your current company or you’re looking for another job to make an extra money.

The search for a second job can take a while. The job market can be hard to crack.

If you are searching for another job, try to network with your colleagues. They might know an employer that hires talents like you. You can also find the job online, there’s Craigslist and other online job portals (, etc). You can job hunt very easily.

You can search your state’s job bank or job agencies. By using the job bank you can tailor your search and find a job in the city where you want to work in. The job agency is also a great place to find a job. They have a large network of hiring managers and companies that required qualified candidates like you. These two are great employment resources for people like you who are looking for a job.

Attend a job fair. The job fair will able you not only to browse the list of jobs but also it is an opportunity to meet people you can network within finding the right opportunity. There you can find employers that can hire on the spot and meet people that can refer you to a hiring manager.

The opportunity of finding a heavy equipment operator job is vast. You just have to take action.

To Conclude This

You can definitely use your heavy equipment operator license to work for another company.

It is your solid proof that you can show to your prospective employer that you are qualified for the heavy equipment operator position.

No one can contest you if you want to work for another company. You are just doing what’s best for you – make money for the family.

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