Heavy Equipment Operator Training in Connecticut There’s a high demand for a skilled individual like you in this field of heavy equipment operation but there’s a shortage of qualified people to fill the vacancy.

You can take heavy equipment training in Connecticut to get into this lucrative profession.

You can expect that the job pays well and you can take this profession as a long-term career. There will be a steady incline of operator job in the next coming years.

So, if you’re wondering if this profession will give you long benefits, then you’re right. You won’t get laid off in this job.

I know the feeling of getting laid off from the job. It is not a good feeling especially when the source of income of the family is your job. How will you then support the ones you love if you don’t have a stable career?

To get a stable job, get into a profession that will stay for years to come and heavy equipment operation is one of those careers that will stay in the next coming decades.

If you are finally sure that this job is the one that is right for you, here’s what you need to do to take the heavy equipment training:

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How to Take the Heavy Equipment Training

  1. Delving into a new career requires thorough thinking to find out if the career is the one you want to do in the long term. Before making the final decision, find out what are the responsibilities and duties of a heavy equipment operator, if you have what it takes and you can the job, that’s only when you can make a decision.

  2. Complete and accomplish the requirements. There are certain prerequisites you have to have in order to take the training and to become a heavy equipment operator. The most basic is you need to have a high school diploma (or GED certificate), be in good health and physical condition, at least 18 years old. Employers require you have a professional training from a reputable school. This training is important if you are applying for apprenticeship or OJT.

  3. Find a training school where you can take the training from. You will benefit by attending a professional training offered by the school that complies with the current OSHA standards for the certification. The list of training schools in Connecticut is listed below for your reference.

  4. Take the classroom training and practical training in the field. These two components are what the course is composed of. You will spend most of your time operating the equipment in the field to get the feel and familiarity of what it is like operating these large machineries. You will spend also time learning theories and terminologies inside the classroom. All in all, you will spend 8-10 weeks taking the training depending on the comprehensiveness of the course.

  5. To get certified, the training school will administer written exam and practical test to measure the knowledge of the students obtained from training. Pass these two exams and you will be assured of receiving your certification.

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Heavy Equipment Training Schools in Connecticut

Any operator who wants to work in a construction or in any related type of industries requires an initial training and certification from a heavy equipment school so that they can be supplied with competency, if you’re looking for a school, here’s where you can enroll:

  • International Union of Operating Engineers Local 478
    Local 478 - 240 Cheshire Rd. Meriden, Connecticut 06451
    Call 1-800-841-0478

  • Technology Transfer Center
    270 Middle Turnpike, Unit 5202, Storrs, Connecticut 06269-5202

  • CT Transportation Institute
    179 Middle Turnpike, Unit 5202 Storrs, Connecticut 06269-5202
    (860) 486-5718

  • Pine Bush Equipment Co., Inc.
    Newington, CT: (860) 665-7470

  • United Rentals, Inc.
    100 First Stamford Place
    Ste 700 Stamford, Connecticut 06902
    Contact: phone 203.622.3131



How to Choose Operator School

When choosing a training school, you must set selection criteria that will guide you on your way.

There are many things to put into consideration when deciding where to get enrolled in and it is something important you have to remember when choosing a school.

Here are some of the factors you have to keep in mind:

  • Find a heavy equipment operator school that not only provides professional training but also gives job assistance to their graduates. This school maintains an extensive register of employers that hire qualified and skilled individuals like you. Doing so, you won’t be having a hard time looking for a job after graduation; the school will do it for you saving you time and effort in finding a job.

  • In as much as possible, find a school that gives career counseling and employment guidance. The career counseling educates you on everything you need to know about the profession, thus boosting your confidence and chance of getting an entry-level job.

  • You make sure that the training school has a modern category of heavy equipment. You won’t want to get your hands on dusty and rusty machinery that are also outdated. Enrolled in a school that has state of the art equipment. Nowadays, a simulator is away to educate the students in equipment operation. You could find a school that has this simulator.

  • Rigorous training in the field and in the classroom is important, as a matter of fact, the current OSHA standard requires the training to have these components. Find a school that will put you in the classroom for formal training and in the field for hands-on and actual operation. Training without the other is not accepted.

Do your homework first before making the final decision of enrolling. If you follow these criteria then you will be good to get professional training.



Benefits of Being Trained Heavy Equipment Operator

  • Working in construction sites and in earth moving operations are dangerous and to do the job done, it requires you to have regard to safety. To get the most assurance that you will be safe, having been properly trained as heavy equipment operator is the key. It is always the employer’s best importance to have their men working in safe conditions.

  • Heavy equipment operator doesn’t only know how to operate a piece of machinery; they are trained to operate many kinds of heavy equipment. If you are trained, you are versatile enough to do the job at hand whether it is earth moving, lifting, hoisting driving, excavating and many others.

  • If you are able to operate several types of heavy equipment, you are making yourself desirable to the hiring manager. You increase your employability. This is an added benefit for the company as they do not have to hire a separate operator to do other tasks. You are versatile to do many tasks and not only in operation but in equipment maintenance and inspection as well. Being trained professional, you are also being taught to do the maintenance and inspection which you can always apply onto your actual job responsibilities.



How to Get CT Hoisting Equipment Operator License 

If your job involves hoisting operation, then you need operator license in Connecticut. To find the requirements, here.

There are certain criteria that must be met if you need hoisting operator license, here they are:

  • If the equipment is motorized;
  • If it is to be used in construction, demolition, or excavation type of work;
  • If the equipment is to be used in the construction project that is other than residential building with not more than four stories and that the project is costing more than $1,250,000;
  • If the equipment has rated lifting capacity of more than five tons;
  • If the equipment has rated maximum reach in excess of 32 feet.

If you think you need a Connecticut hoisting operator license, you can apply here. The application is done online.

If you will operate cranes, you may be required to apply for such a license.

To apply for a hoisting license, you must have a certain number of working hours per year, pass the written test to be administered by Connecticut, a notarized certificate of experience that must be signed by a supervisor or other superior who has the knowledge about your job performance.

Salary of Heavy Equipment Operator in this State

If you are wondering how much does a heavy equipment operator makes in CT, well, according to the March 28, 2023 report of Salary.com, the average annual salary is $75,799. See below the cities/towns of CT that offer the highest salary.

Bridgeport  $79,582 Milford  $79,852
Bristol  $75,659 New Britain  $75,659
Danbury  $77,771 New Haven  $75,918
East Hartford  $72,979 Newton $77,771
Fairfield  $79,582 North Haven $75,918
Greenwich  $80,616 Old Greenwich $80,616
Hamden  $75,918 Stamford  $80,616
Hartford  $75,855 Stratford  $79,582
Manchester  $75,855 Waterbury  $75,519
Meriden  $75,659 West Hartford  $75,855
 Monroe $79,535 Wilton $80,075

If you want to work in Massachusetts, you could make better wage. 


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To Conclude This

A lot of individuals who want to get into this profession ask if they need such professional training in heavy equipment operation, the simple answer is definitely yes.

Experience is not enough. You have to be properly trained and certified by a qualifying school or body.

If you are completed taking heavy equipment training in Connecticut, you are giving yourself a big favor. You will acquire the knowledge and competency required for the profession.

Working as an operator has varied responsibilities. You will never know where you will be assigned because every project is different. If you are properly trained, you can cope up with the change and you can do the tasks at hand.

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