Heavy Equipment Operator Training In GeorgiaHeavy equipment operators are important to the construction, mining and manufacturing industries. They perform a job that no one can do.

The demand for heavy equipment operators will increase in the next coming decade as the construction industry and population continue to grow.

To get into this flourishing profession, you need to take heavy equipment training in Georgia.

You have the excellent opportunities of getting employed and offered a good pay if you have the training and the experience under your belt.

Qualified heavy machinery operators are needed to for building and road constructions and other infrastructure-related work with the ability to operate many kinds of equipment.

Your skill will be highly-sought after, for that reason, you can anticipate a better wage as well.

If you are really decided that this job is the one you really want to get into, taking the initial heavy equipment training is what you need to do.

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How to Take the Heavy Equipment Training

I don’t need to tell you that companies require training and certification for heavy equipment operators. It is the number one credential that they will be asked of you.

If you still haven’t done the training and you want to get through this, here’s the step by step guide on what you have to do:

  1. Make a final decision and decide if this job is really the one you want. If you are still reluctant and you still have a second thought if this job is right for you, here’s an article written by us to help you decide, click here.

  2. Complete the initial requirements. The very basic requirements you need to have/be for you to be able to get accepted in the training is that you must be at least 18 years old, be in good physical shape, and a high diploma or GED certificate. Your chosen school may ask more requirements or they may even conduct an assessment interview with you. If you want to know more what it takes to be an operator, here is the complete list of requirements to become a heavy equipment operator. For the complete and detailed list of the requirements you need, BROWSE this page: What at the Requirements You Need to e a Heavy Equipment Operato?

  3. Get professionally trained. Enrolling in a heavy equipment operator course is the first step toward a rewarding career in this field. There are several training schools in Georgia where you can get a professional training and take the course from, we’ve listed them down, see below for your reference. If you don’t know where to enroll, see below how to choose the best training school.

  4. Once you are enrolled in a course, you have to go through the classroom theoretical training and in-the-field practical training. The course usually stretches up to 8 to 10 weeks to finish. The curriculum comprises of classroom training and practical training. The amount of time to spend inside the classroom is minimal. You’ll spend a lot of time enhancing the skills you need in the field, it can only be practiced doing the hands-on or actual operation. The practical training takes more time than the classroom training.

  5. Taking the apprenticeship program. If you want to expand your education and want to earn while training, you can take the apprenticeship program. You can submit an application to become an apprenticeship to International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) locals 474 (Pooler) and 926 (Ellenwood). In this program, the apprentice will work with experienced individuals and gain advanced responsibilities during the training duration. The apprenticeship program usually takes 3 years to complete. the apprentice is spending as much as 6,000 hours during this period. Upon completion, the operator can now be employed professionally and offered with a better salary.

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Heavy Equipment Operator Schools in Georgia

If you are looking where to take the heavy equipment training course from, here are the technical schools and community colleges where you can enroll.

  • Heavy Equipment Colleges of America
    3120 Stonecrest Blvd, Suite 220, Stonecrest, GA 30038
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Direct: 770-918-2577

  • International Union of Operating Engineers
    Local 474 - 127 Westside Blvd. Pooler, GA 31322
    Phone: 912-330-9928 Fax: 912-330-9963
    Local 926 Apprenticeship & Skill Improvement Fund 4179 Dunn Road Ellenwood, GA Phone: (404) 363-2764, (404) 363-3068 Fax

  • Atlanta Technical College
    1560 Metropolitan Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30310, USA
    Phone: +1 404-225-4461

  • Southern Crescent Technical College
    501 Varsity Rd, Griffin, GA 30223, USA
    Phone: +1 770-228-7348

  • Albany Technical College
    1704 S Slappey Blvd, Albany, GA 31701, USA
    Phone: +1 229-430-3500

Find out which is the school that matches your requirement by making an inquiry through the phone or by visiting their headquarter or office.

When you’ve chosen one, find out the school’s enrollment requirements and information. Know about the admission, training program duration, the tuition on how much it will cost you to complete the course.

If you haven’t decided yet what school to enroll at and if you want some help in choosing the right school for you, here are some tips and ideas:

Here are some more articles to guide in becoming a heavy equipment operator:



How to Choose the Best Training School

Here are some of the pointers in choosing the right heavy equipment training school in Georgia:

  • Choose the one that has a good reputation. A reputable school has several branches in other states or locations or they might even be nationally recognized.

  • The training school should have access to employers where they can refer you to after completing the training. It is an advantage for you to have instant employment after taking the course.

  • A good heavy equipment operator school should have modern pieces of heavy equipment where the students can have the chance to get their hands on to operate. You would not want to put your hands on a dirty and rusty piece of a backhoe that is rotting and old. Would you?

  • A good training school gives priority for quality education. Nowadays, the simulator is becoming popular, if the school is equipped with such a simulator it is an indication that they pay for the quality of education they provide. Another sign that school is good in giving the training is that they have complete facilities such large classroom, modern pieces of equipment, and a low student-to-trainer ratio per class.

  • The school must have acres of land where you can practice the heavy equipment operation. You can do a variety of different tasks if the field where you are practicing is large and vast.

  • The school must have a good student passing rate. Though the school may not reveal how much students are successful taking the certification from them, you can talk to your colleagues, they might have some friends they can refer you to who know the quality of training the school provides.



How Much Does It Cost To Enroll in the Heavy Equipment Operator School?

Apparently, before you can be a certified heavy equipment operator, you have to take the initial training that could cost a serious amount.

Taking the initial training can put a dent in your pocket. It is true that it is not cheap.

When you want to take the training at National Heavy Equipment Operator School (just to mention), their tuition, as of this writing, is $11,995.00 and other fees are not included.

On average the usual cost of the training ranges from $6,000 to $12,000 depending on the training package and number of equipment you want to train on.

Though it is expensive it is an investment that you can take wherever you want to work.

If the cost may seem too expensive for you, you can choose the school that offers financial aid and installment payment scheme. Some schools give discounts and scholarship. Better to ask your chosen school about this.

Those individuals with proper training are heavily favored by the hiring manager and the chance getting employment and offered better wage increases if you can also provide other work-related credentials.

Requirements to Become an Operator

A qualified individual who is aiming to become a heavy equipment operator in the state of Georgia must possess the following for requirements:

  • High school diploma or its GED equivalent;
  • The individual must have at least one year of heavy equipment operation or related work experience in this industry;
  • The individual wanting to be an operator must have the combination of training and experience which provides the requisite skills, and competency for this job;
  • Must have a valid driver's license;
  • Must have a Georgia Commercial Driver's License Class "A" with tanker endorsement;
  • Must be in good health and physical conditioning. The employer may require you to take the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam, though it is not a requirement but need to be ready for it. Here's an article about DOT exam: How to Apply & Pass Department of Transportation Physical Exam?



Salary of Heavy Equipment Operator in Georgia

In the latest survey of March 28, 2023 of Salary.com, here are the cities/towns of Georgia that offer high pay for heavy equipment operators:

Albany $64,395 Macon $65,072
Athens $68,316 Marietta $68,610
Atlanta $68,807 Maysville $68,316
Augusta $65,557 Milner $65,282
Columbus $63,712 Morrow $68,676
Comer $65,704 Nahunta $66,187
Dahlonega $68,316 North Metro $68,446
Dacula $68,316 Sargeant $68,316
Decatur $68,807 Roswell $68,545
Dillard $65,704 Savannah $65,826
Ellenwood $68,741 Valdosta $62,698

If you will work in South Carolina, you could make a little lower wage. 


I know what's on your mind, you may asking how much is your salaray if you will work in other state/city, here's the articles to BROWSE:



To Make a Conclusion

Operating heavy equipment has associated hazards and can be challenging if you don’t have the proper training. With the training, you can improve efficiency and safety while at work. This is the main reason why the employers prefer those individuals who have the certification and training.

Taking the heavy equipment operator training in Georgia will give a vast opportunity to work in many different industries.

You can expect good pay and you won’t be running out of employment opportunities since this career will be highly in demand. The job outlook is good and it is growing.

What are you waiting for, go get trained and be a heavy equipment operator.

Towns of GA

Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Macon, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Albany, Marietta, Abbeville, Abbottsford, Adairsville, Adel, Alamo, Aline, Alma, Altamaha River, Alto, Aragon, Arcade, Arlington, Ashburn, Avondale Estates, Axson, Baldwin, Ball Ground, Balls Ferry, Baxley, Bellview, Berkeley Lake, Blackshear, Blakely, Bloomingdale, Blue Ridge, Bogart, Bonanza, Boston, Bowdon, Branchville, Brewton, Bridgeboro, Broad River, Brookfield, Brooklet, Broxton, Buchanan, Buena Vista, Butler, Byron, Calvary-Reno, Camilla, Canoochee, Carsonville-Panhandle, Cartecay, Cave Spring, Cedar Grove, Chatsworth, Chattahoochee Hills, Chattanoo Valley, Chester, Chickamau, Chula, Cisco, Clarkesville, Claxton, Cochran, Coldwater Creek, Colquitt, Comer, Cornelia, Cumming, Cusseta, Cuthbert, Dacula, Darien, Davis Academy, Davisboro, Dawsonville, Dawson, Deenwood, Demorest, Devereux, Dixie Union, Dixie, Donalsonville, Dutch Island, East Dublin, East Echols, East Griffin, East Newnan, East River, Eastman, Elberton, Elder, Elko, Ellaville, Ellijay, Emerson, Empress, Enigma, Eudora, Euharlee, Experiment, Faceville, Fairyland, Finleyson, Folkston, Forsyth, Fort Stewart, Franklin Springs, Gillis Springs, Glennville,

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