How to Choose the Best Crane Operator Training SchoolNow that you’ve made your decision that becoming a crane operator is the job you want to pursue; you may be planning to enroll in a course and the next action you would take is to research for the best crane operator school.

Choosing the right school could elevate your career, however, if you make a mistake, you could waste time and money. This is the main reason why you should know first the criteria for picking the best school.

As you begin exploring different schools, you realize that it is not as easy as you may think as there are many options. How can you then decide which one is right for your requirements?

Thankfully, we have made this list of criteria. Let’s look at what really matters when it comes to selecting the best crane operator school:



  • Find a crane operator school that provides employment assistance and career guidance to their students. Ensuring that you have a job waiting for you upon graduation makes you happy and satisfied. One of the important factors you should consider when choosing a crane operator school is that they provide employment assistance to their graduates.

  • Find a school that has a long history of training operators, they tend to be reputable in the industry. Crane operator schools vary in terms of reputation. Some may claim to be the best while others just show how long they have been in the business. I would rather choose the latter. These schools have produced successful graduates over the years and evolved to develop a more effective training approach to help the students.

  • Find a training school that offers both classroom lectures and in-the-cab training. This ensures that you learn the theoretical part of the course as well as the hands-on exercises. Both of these give you the knowledge and skills to effectively operate the crane. Beware of online training providers, they can only provide classroom training, you still need to attend a separate course to take practical training.

  • Choose a class with a small number of participants. Small class sizes lead to more focus and attention from the instructor and each trainee gets to know each other, there are much fewer distractions because the classroom is quieter. These factors lead to success in gaining a quality education.

  • The school must have a curriculum in-lined with the NCCCO certification. NCCCO certification is popular among crane operators and this credential is the one that will be asked from you by a prospective employer. If you were to enroll in a course, find a curriculum that is aligned with the NCCCO certification exams. This will ensure you prepare for the successful passing of the certification exams.

  • The school must have a modern training facility and up-to-date crane equipment. For you to make sure that your school has modern facilities, you could visit the facility to observe personally how the training is being conducted and see the equipment being used in the hands-on exercises. Ask consent first from the school before doing so.

  • Find a school that teaches their students how to operate a variety or types of crane equipment with related subjects such as rigging and signaling, wire rope, load dynamics, equipment inspection and maintenance, load chart reading, and understanding lift plan, etc. Students who have an understanding of these topics are more likely to pass the NCCCO certification exams. The NCCCO certification is the credential you should aim for as this is widely recognized in the industry.

  • Are the trainers knowledgeable about the training course they deliver? Trainers can bring plentiful experience to the class and outstanding ability to deliver knowledge to students only if they are experienced on the course topic. If you would like to know if the trainer has a reputable background, you may inquire with the school.

  • A helpful tip is this. Go through the job advertisements of the employers, you can easily find those in classified ads websites or in the newspaper, it will provide you with a sneak peek of the requirements, take note of the requirements and then ask with the school if they can supply you with that.
  • With these criteria, you can now select a crane training school that tackles your needs and enable you to separate one from another since each of which wants you to think that it’s right for you.

    How Much Does It Cost Attending the Crane Operator School

    Now that you have chosen a school where you want to enroll, the next big thing that pops up in your mind is how much would it cost you taking the crane training course.

    We cannot give an accurate figure for the cost. But if you permit me, I read some people paying around $4,000 up to $7,000 for the full course that lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. Depending on the length of the training, the school will also offer practice time in crane operation that may or may not add up to the tuition.

    Another consideration in gauging how much you will pay for taking the crane training course is the NCCCO testing fees. Some schools include this fee in their tuition while others are not. NCCCO testing fee is a small amount, as of this writing, the application for written test is $200, depending on whether you want to take it online or in-person, and $60 for the practical test.

    Attending school may perhaps a viable way to begin a career as a crane operator. Yes, you may have to exhaust some amount but you can easily recuperate that investment in a short period of time as you begin working.



    How Can We Help You Finding a Crane Training School in Your Area

    One of the goals of this blog/website is to help you find a training school near your location so that you won’t be having a hard time looking for one.

    On this blog, we have made the directory of schools in each state. Just choose the state where you are, there you will find them, in addition to that, we also supply pertinent information on how to become a certified crane operator and salary you can make being on this profession.

    We do this because we believe becoming a crane operator does take professional training. By having everything handled by the training school under the program, you can be guaranteed of quality education needed to effectively do your actual job.

    An Apprenticeship Program is an Option If You Can’t Attend the Crane Operator School

    Being an apprenticeship is another way to get into the trade. The apprenticeship program is offered through a community college or by a contractor. The local of the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) in your area may also provide such program.

    The apprenticeship program is a combination of hands-on exercises and in-the-field training. The length of the program usually takes about 3-4 years to complete. As an apprentice, you would get an entry-level wage. A great way to make a living while learning the ins and outs of the trade.

    The apprenticeship program is very popular among people who are new to the trade. If you are interested in this program, contact a community college or the local IUOE in your area to check if there are vacancies, if so, submit your application and contact information. A representative will then contact you, asking you to submit your resume, letter of intent for the position, references and other pertinent documents. After getting your credential evaluated, successful applicants will be assigned to attend the class after confirmation of their interest in the apprenticeship program.

    To Make a Conclusion

    Delving into a new profession requires proper planning during the initial years. To begin with, you need to make a well-thought decision about the career you want to pursue. Once that accomplished, the next action to take is to search for the best crane operator training school that provides quality training that you truly deserve.

    There are schools out there that claim to be offering superior quality education to students. Well, of course, you would not want to fall to their promises. You have to pay attention and set a standard in picking the right one.

    We hope, with the tips we presented above, you can make a prudent decision in choosing a crane operator school.

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