How to Get CPCS Red Card on Crawler Crane We all know that having a CPCS red card is important if you’re an operator of a crawler crane with a capacity of above 10 tons. The CPCS red card is what most employers in the construction industry will require from operators if they want to work in the same position.

The red operator card is the minimum qualification an operator can earn. This can be earned by passing strict technical testing. It confirms the level of core skills and knowledge an operator should have in order to work in construction.

Employers want to hire applicants with such qualifications because they know that the workers they will be hiring have gone through rigorous training and testing standards.

Are you planning to earn this important credential? If so, we created this guide. IN this article we will discuss the steps you need to take in order to obtain this red operator card.

Here are the basic steps you need to do:

  1. Carry out a training course on crawler crane that will prepare you to pass the CPCS testing – you can contact a training provider in your location, they can be found across the country. You can ask a colleague or your employer, they may know a provider where they can refer you to; or do a Google search. The training provider can also administer the CPCS theory and practical test.

  2. Find a CITB health, safety, and environment test centre - The training provider can assist you in finding a test centre, they may even refer you to one. This is where the CITB health, safety and environment is administered. The test can be taken at the centre run by a training provider, colleges or by a commercial institution.

  3. You need to pass the CITB health, safety and environment test – this is a prerequisite test for operators who want to work in construction. Because construction is a dangerous workplace, having this qualification proves that they’ll be safe while on the job. If you want to book for this test, you can do it online or via phone.

  4. Pass the CPCS theory test – this is when carrying out a crawler crane training course will come in handy. The knowledge you’ve gained from the training will enable you to succeed in taking the CPCS theory test. But just be sure you track the time, you have two (2) years to complete this theory test after you’ve completed the CITB health, safety and environment test.

  5. Pass the CPCS practical test – again, your training will be useful in passing this practical test that’s why it is important to carry out training before delving into taking the CPCS tests. You can take the practical test within six (6) months of passing the theory test and within two (2) years of passing the CITB health, safety and environment test.

  6. Submit your application for the red CPCS card – Once you’ve passed the theory and practical tests, you now have the papers and documentation, you’re now ready to submit your application. The CPCS test centre where you’ve taken the tests can assist you in this matter. During the processing time of the CPCS red card, you can request the test centre to give you a letter of achievement, this is some sort of interim certification while waiting for the actual red card. The letter is valid for 28 days, and the red card will be released in 15 days.

  7. You will be issued with a “Trained Operator Card” also called the red card. This red card is non-renewable which means that you have to upgrade this to a blue card within 2 years from the date of issuance by undertaking an NVQ on crawler crane operation.


How Much Does It Cost You to Take the Crawler Crane Training

The cost to take the crawler crane training might burn a hole in your pocket as a training provider may charge you about £3,000 - £3,500 exclusive of VAT. Government grants and funding are available for qualified employers. If you’re an employer, enquire about the grants with a training provider before you can send your workers to them.

The training lasts about 10 days depending on the training provider you contacted with. The training takes this long because the CPCS red card is intended for those individuals who have limited or prior experience operating the crawler crane.

Topics Covered in Crawler Crane Training Program

These are the topics that may be covered in the training course:

  • Technical terminology and respective definition so that beginners can have good grasp of what being spoken in the industry.
  • Efficient operation of the equipment in the workplace
  • Understanding the crane signals and responding to these signals
  • Preparing the equipment and proper position for work commencement
  • Adjusting the jibs and other equipment safety devices installed on the machine
  • Crane set up and planning a lift
  • Basic troubleshooting and carrying out minor repairs
  • Proper maintenance and adhering to schedule
  • Knowing the safe loads and duties charts
  • Reeving and operating techniques
  • Understanding the prevailing and relevant government laws and regulations in the operation of the equipment
  • Knowing the effect of radius and load capacity
  • Lifting in tight areas and above power lines
  • Boom assembly and disassembly
  • How to minimize swinging of loads
  • Carrying out of shutdowns and post-operation inspection procedure


Training Delivery for Crawler Crane Above 10 Tonnes

If you are an employer who wants to train own operators, then you have the option to conduct the training at your site. This is the ideal way of delivering the training because the curriculum can be adjusted to address the safety issues.
The curriculum or topics to be covered can be modified to add more subject matters. Onsite training delivery is what most employers prefer to do for their operators.

You just contact an accredited training provider, ask them about your onsite training requirement, they will send their trainer to your site. The training provider may charge an additional fee but it outweighs the benefit you can reap from this onsite training.

To Make a Conclusion

Although, it will take some time and effort to get CPCS red card on crawler crane, put in mind that it is a good investment because it gives you the best opportunity to learn new skills and become marketable in the ever-flourishing construction industry.

You can easily recuperate the money spent in earning this credential as a crawler crane operator is very much in demand and getting paid with a good sum of money.

We also wish you good luck in your chosen career!


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